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信州産の地粉と北アルプスの伏流水を使用した手打ちそばを中心に、本格焼酎と日本酒を各種そろえてお待ちしております。 白馬の雄大な景色を眺めながら、ゆっくりとお食事をお楽しみください。


<Tenpura soba>1250円       

Hot Soba and tempura set


<Bukkake soba>                   


Cold Bukkake soba

<Agedashi tofu>540

(only dinner time)

Juicy fried tofu

<Yasai temura


Assorted Vegetable 



Opened in 2005,             

 at this restaurant,   

you can enjoy

both traditional style

and modernized

Japanese cuisine.


We are not only    

specializes in soba noodles          

but also tempura.     

Make sure you check out

our Japanese Sake and

shochu drinks.


Reservations are

recommended for nighttime!!

Time open Apr.~Nov. 11:00-14:00  17:30-20:30

                  Dec.~May. 11:30-14:00  17:30-21:00


★We will have day off on September  27th

Closed Wednesdays